Aerospace Physiology/Training/Safety


Human Systems Solution, Inc. provides consultative services to enhance human performance in extreme environments through the use of training and technology.
A systems approach is utilized to solve complex problems arising from human/machine interfaces.

Over 40 years of combined expertise is provided in aerospace physiology, training, safety, program management, and research, development, test and evaluation. Human Systems Solutions Inc. can provide expertise for your company in the following areas:

Aerospace Physiology Programs

· Development of Aviation Physiology Training Programs
· Development and Implementation of Hypoxia Training Programs
· Development of Aviation Survival Training Programs
· Mishap Investigation Avoidance Expertise in Aerospace Physiology
· Aeromedical Safety Education and Training

Acquisition Programs

· Program Management
· Research, Development, Test and Evaluation


Donna M. Murdoch, CAPT, USN (Ret), Ph.D. CAsP, (Chief Operating Officer), Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association, Member American College of Sports Medicine, Certified in Aerospace Physiology, Certified DOD Acquisition Professional.